iPhone 7 Screen Protector, Privacy Anti-Spy Ballistic Tempered Glass Screen Protector Guard Film 3D Touch Compatible, BABA™ Maximum Screen Protection

Tempered Privacy Glass Screen Protector For iPhone 7- Protect Your Screen from Scratches and Bubble Free - Maximize Your Resale Value - 99.99% Clarity and Touch screen.
Compatible With: Apple iPhone 7
Item ID: TPG-73477


  • Tempered Privacy Glass made for the iPhone 7 - AT&T - Sprint - T-mobile - Verizon – Unlocked
  • Screen will be completely black when viewed from left or right, Screen is only visible from the direct angle.
  • Maintain the privacy of your screen when you are in a crowded area, such as bus, train, airplane, etc.
  • Premium Tempered Glass with silicone coating, prevents the glass from splintering into sharp edges.
  • Scratch resistance hard coating 8-9H.